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Our history



Vianini company was founded in 1981 in Caprino Veronese by Nicola Vianini, consolidating the centuries-old experience of the family, in the extraction of local stone stones at the quarry property.

At the end of the 90s, the experience was such that they can undertake the business of processing of stone , Nicola Vianini assigned the company to his sons, and today it's actually a young family, consisting of three brothers and trusted collaborators.

The inventiveness of the brothers Vianini has enabled the installation of custom machinery, which have made possible the realization of unique workmanships, never until now proposals on the stone market. The experience and intuition, allowed to develop some craftsmanship, with the aim of proposing an authentic stone and style.

In recent years, the constant technological research and innovation, the company has led to the creation of products with unique design, which are used for the construction of major architectural projects.