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HoleFinder equipment

Measurement equipment for the mining




Through the fitting of the probes into the non intersecting holes (fig.2), the instrument shows:

  • if the holes are long enough or are short;

  • if the hole is on the left or on right as to the other;

  • the minimum distance between a hole and the other.


So, it is sufficient to move the drill parallel to the hole for the distance which appears on the instrument and to effect a new hole, knowing, this time, the exact position (fig.3).


The instrument is complete of:

  • Electronic machinery containing the electronic circuit, with display showing the distance;

  • One electronic battery charger 220 Volt and 50 Hz;

  • Cable with receiving probe, 35 mm. diameter;

  • Cable with transmitting probe, 14 mm. diameter;

  • Stainless steel adapter for transmitting probe, to be used for wide diameters holes;

  • Nos. 20 aluminium coupling poles of 2 m. per piece, to introduce the probes in the no-intersecting holes.

Technical data:

  • Maximum measurable distance: 120 cm

  • Receiving probe diameter: 35 mm

  • Transmitting small probe diameter: 14 mm

  • Maximum measurable distance left-right: 140 cm

  • Length of cable of the receiving probe: 50 mt

  • Length of cable of the transmitting small probe: 100 mt

  • Working temperature: from –10 to +40 c°

  • Self feeding by rechargeable battery

(The manufacturer reserves the right to mo the tool and its features without notice.)